Personal Reasons Why I Love To Go Hiking

Hiking is different from mountaineering but still I am writing this piece to contribute to those awesome answers on a “million dollar” question “Why do you climb mountains?.”

Hiking is a perfect way to experience the marvelous creations outdoor. It is perhaps one of the most popular outdoor activities of the human kind aside from camping, backpacking or even mountaineering. When you go on a hike, there’s so much more you can do. It only depends on your preference, the location, your personal budget and the like.

pinoy hiking

If you would ask me, why do you hike?. Well, here are the main reasons why I love this activity.

Boundless Enjoyment and Quality Time with Friends and Family

Hiking is an excellent way to spend quality time with friends, family or even a loved one. A day or an overnight hiking is actually boundless. No matter whom you want to spend your trip with for sure this is a great opportunity to have fun and bond together.

Nature Appreciation

The experience in Philippine hiking is certainly priceless with the beauty of nature that surrounds.  Marveling to the perfect landscape of nature or crossing serene rivers and chasing waterfalls is something you can do and appreciate its wonders while on a hike.

pinoy hiking

Peace of Mind

I am into hiking to search for an inner peace. My job is sometimes hurting not only physically but mentally. I am stuck everday in front of my computer doing some monotonous tasks. For me, hiking is an outlet to get away from my hectic life and all the stress endured daily.

Fun Way to Fitness

Aside from the above-mentioned reasons why I love to go hiking is also a fun way to stay physically fit. Outdoor hiking activity is more enjoyable than having a home treadmill workout. Indeed, hiking is a total package. It combines nature’s goodness and your overall body fitness.

If you are planning for a fun activity to spend your weekend, go for a hike. Enjoy, appreciate the nature and stay fit!


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