My First Off-Road Bicycle Riding to the Mountains of Bucari, Leon, Iloilo

“Think of bicycles as rideable art that can just about save the world.” ~ Grant Peterson

With an array of wide bike lanes in the City of Iloilo, a lot of bike enthusiasts are gathering everyday to pedal around the city. More and more biking groups were established including the group where I am in – the Iloilo Padyak Extreme (IPAD XTR). I’m a newbie to the biking community and I never had any experience towards biking since I am not a sporty human being when I was a kid.

biking group
I got my first blue mountain bike (Trinx) way back 2014.

My group planned and invited me for a long trail ride up to the mountain of Bucari, Leon (“initiation ride”) This was my first off-road mountain biking ever. I woke up early around 4 in the morning to join the group at our meeting place.

pinoy hiking

Since I haven’t explored the area, I was too excited. Our target place was the mountainous pine-forested area of Bucari 15 kilometers away from  Iloilo City. It is a mountainous region situated in the highlands of Leon and Alimodian, Iloilo.

The place is considered as an eco-tourism zone, tagged as the province’s “little Baguio” for its cool climate and highland attractions. Bucari is surrounded by the beautiful landscapes with stunning mountains, lush green rice terraces and  cool pine forests, as well as you can marvel and hike to its serene springs and waterfalls.

pinoy biking

I really enjoyed my first long ride with the group despite of the difficulty pedaling up because of its mountainous terrain,  rough and bumpy dirt road. Indeed, it was worth the pain and sacrifices after 4 hours of biking going up seeing the wide array of pine tress and its fresh and cool ambiance.

pinoy mountain biking

We stayed at the camping site for like 2 hours, we had our lunch and of course relax and feel the cool breeze of pine tress. We really enjoyed the views, took photos for documentation. After we fulfilled our senses, the group signaled to pedal again down the mountain back to the city.

Again it was an agony to myself yet very fulfilling. I can say that Im very proud to myself because I conquered the Bucari mountains ~ every bikers dream . The memories will truly lasts forever.

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