My 1st Iloilo Hammock Festival 2017 Experience

“Let’s go outdoor and hang together.”

It was a weekend filled with hammocks, trail foods and fun. Your Pinoy on Top Adventurer participated in this first ever Iloilo Hammock Festival 2017  held last  May 20, 2017 at the Terra Verde Integrated Eco – Farm in Ajuy Iloilo through the efforts  of Foxtrail and Atake sa Norte group.

I was in the hyped of excitement to use my newly-ordered hammock and to experience sleeping outside my comfort zone from this swing thing.

I departed from Iloilo City at around 5:00 in the morning via a Ceres Liner Bus. It was too early for some however for the mountaineers it was a little bit late. After a little chit chats and small get to know things we decided to travel going to Ajuy for our assembly and registration meetup. We then arrived at Ajuy Municipal Plaza by 7:00 in the morning.

Tree Planting Activity

About 133  participants, which was more than anticipated, came on Saturday morning with big hearts for the environment and to the community for a Tree Planting Activity at the Badiangan Watershed in Brgy. Badiangan, Ajuy, Iloilo.

An estimated total of 1000 fire tree, jackfruit and bayog seedlings were planted.

This tree planting activity was spearheaded by the Organization of Industrial, Social and Cultural Advancement (OISCA), LGU Ajuy and the local community.

1st Iloilo Hammock Festival Tree Planting Activity Ajuy Group

credit: Sir Ian Wilder Dignadice

Hike to Mt. Valhalla

Tired and might be full of sweat and others got sun kissed but satisfied mountaineers then went up for a hike to Mt. Valhalla at Brgy. Culasi, Ajuy, Iloilo to have a full view of the wonderful creation of the municipality and other neighboring places.

Mt. Valhalla Ajuy Iloilo

credit: Sir Ian Wilder Dignadice

Picture takings everywhere, exploring the rolling hills and the open field, feeling the summer breeze under the scorching heat of the sun are a few things that excites me to come back to Mt. Valhalla. We would love to stay to the peaks however we needed to climb down for the highlights of the weekend getaway.

Hammock Camping at Terra Verde Integrated Eco-Farm

The team went to Terra Verde Integrated Eco-Farm to setup the hammocks. Each and everyone had their opportunities to setup their hammocks before lunch time. When all was fixed and ready we then had our time to savor our packed lunches. As we finished our lunch, we had the opportunities to get along with other participants and relax for the afternoon nap.

1st Iloilo Hammock Festival 2017 Terra Verde Eco Farm

We had a very summer ambiance as the air was so thin and everyone can feel the humidity, just as what we wanted and needed for this outdoor activity. However when three in the afternoon came, the weather became gloomy and we felt rain drops but it seems that we were blessed when it didn’t rain hard. A little bit of rain to cool down the surroundings.

The group then had a little fun with their hammocks. As the travel hammocks became popular people started experimenting with how to hang them. One way that come out from this was stacking the hammocks so that there would be multiple hammocks hanging in a column from two strong trees.

1st Iloilo Hammock Festival_2017 Ajuy Iloilo

My neighbors – Lyra and Therese

When everything was set, we had our first stacked hammock photo-op with the group. We explored Terra Verde Integrated Eco-Farm, and of course we took some selfies and groupies and took some captivating sceneries of the area as the sun’s setting.

As the nightime falls, we had setup the bonfire to keep warm and served as our light source for the prepared activities and chit chats. We had a lot of fun getting to know some other participants came from the different places of Iloilo and other regions.

1st Iloilo Hammock Festival 2017 Ajuy

photo credit

I loved sleeping in hammocks under the stars. I overcame fears. I was terrified of heights and falling, but I got into the first hammock tower.  ~ 1st Iloilo Hammock Festival 2017

The event began at Saturday morning and continued until Sunday. It was a very nice morning as I first experienced sleeping with my hammock. We prepared to have some coffee and breakfast to keep us awake and give us strength for the day. My group also decided to stack a hammock and we did it.  That was fun and enjoyable as I spent my weekend with a lot of memories outdoor to tell.

You don’t need to be an acrobat expert. You can easily be a queen of hammocks with some balance and being OK with heights.

1st Iloilo Hammock Festival 2017 hammock stacking

The struggle was so real as we were stacking and climbing hammocks. (photo credit)

Sepanx moment…

We then clean the area and prepare our things to go home. In a little while we ended the camp as we headed over to the bus stop and took our way home. It was one of a kind experience, and for those people like us who’s life becomes more colorful and exciting, we had another planted history to share to the new generation and another adventure to be told. Until next Iloilo Hammock Festival folks!

A special thanks to:

Sir Mac Arrelado

Sir Glenn Catoto


Atake sa Northe

Group moments with Ednelyn, Lyra, Therese, Theresa and other cool guys.














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