My Biking Experience with Guimaras 360 Degrees Bike Ride

Guimaras is an island where a lot of tourist spots awaiting to be explored. The place is one of the most favored destinations of both  local and foreign tourists because of its  picturesque beaches, secluded islets and of course its famous mangoes.

When we speak about Guimaras, first thing comes to our mind are the sweetest mangoes. The island is not just merely the Mango Capital of the World but also the Bike Paradise of the Philippines.

Guimaras Biking

Route Plan

There are a lot of ways to enjoy the beauty of the island. You can explore the area through biking, motorcycling, running or even through sailing.

Indeed, Guimaras is quite busy place for bikers.

Guimaras is famous in mountain biking and we were all excited because our plan has been push through to explore the beautiful island with our bicycle. This exploration has been tagged as “Guimaras 360 Degrees Bike Ride

Guimaras Biking

Iloilo Padyak Extreme (IPAD Xtr) at Kupo Wharf, Brgy. Sabang, Sibunag, Guimaras

With my biking group, the Iloilo Padyak Extreme (IPAD Xtr) we were able to complete the 360 degrees road of  the Guimaras Island.

Riding a bike is a refreshing possibility to spend a leisure time and to discover new tourist spots of the island.

Guimaras Biking

Even the intense heat can’t stop us!

We started our ride from its capital municipality, Jordan down to the municipality of Buenavista, San Lorenzo, Sibunag, Nueva Valencia and back to Jordan to complete the 360 degree-route. It was really a big challenge to myself because I am a newbie to the group. This said to be the  2nd initiation rights for a  member to be a certified extreme “Padyakers.” Cool isn’t it? 🙂

Guimaras Biking

15-minutes  ferry boat ride from Ortiz Wharf, Iloilo to Jordan Wharf, Guimaras

The challenge inclined make it more extreme as we took the non-stop uphill and downhill characterized by the geographical settings of the island.

Guimaras Biking

I was enjoying my brakes and my gears even my quads are really hurting from furiously pedaling the on and off road of each municipality. The struggle was real;)

Guimaras Biking

At the Jordan Wharf with the IPAD Xtr – on our way home

As the group said, always wear your smile though your knees are aching. I  was determined to complete the circle.

This was another milestone of my life on two wheels . Bravo! Well done guys 🙂 I can attest that the island of Guimaras is really  the bike paradise of the Philippines.


The Route and the Total Distance


Credits to: Gene Rod Donasco Babao

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